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Meet the Girls


Lindsey is a Hufflepuff, an INFJ, and an Enneagram 9. She developed her love of all things true crime in college while studying psychology and then developed an obsession with all things weird, spooky, and unexplained. She's our resident skeptic who just wants to know all the things and will always ask for permission to Google. Her skepticism keeps us grounded during our ghost hunts!


Lindsey is married with two kids. When she's not ghost hunting, she is probably reading (her TBR pile is constantly growing) or binging some true crime documentary.  

Sarah is an enneagram 4, a Ravenclaw, and possibly (probably) a witch in her past lives. She will make friends with anyone and everyone and is our Tik Tok Queen. She has always been interested in the unexplained and all things spooky and has had paranormal experiences her whole life. Sarah was the first of us to start ghost hunting and sparked an interest for all of us. Also, she’s met Zak, which makes her the coolest one.  She is our “hard core” and can sense things.

Sarah is married with two kids. When she's not ghost hunting, she is painting faces and can paint anything spooky from Jason to Annabelle.

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Sarah (more affectionately known as Boydston) is an enneagram 6 and a Ravenclaw. Boydston is our matchmaker and brought us all together. She knew both Lindsey and Sarah, and after ghost hunting with Sarah, invited Lindsey along once she saw her reading true crime books. The rest is history! Like Sarah, Boydston had several experiences throughout her childhood that caused her to be interested in the paranormal. Boydston reels Lindsey and Sarah back in when they need it and keeps us focused.   

Boydston is married with three fur babies who frequently make an appearance on the show. She is usually spiraling somewhere in the weird corner of Youtube or engaged in bird photography.

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